One of the cornerstone while planning these products was to create an item capable of both protecting the surface covered and combining same with an easy cleaning done with a simple sponge. All our products are easy to clean because no dirt is absorbed, remaining on the waterproof surface layer and therefore simply removable with a cloth or a sponge, using a mild cleaning product, which does not require any protection to the skin when used. The light weight of our products, even the largest ones, allows for an effortless moving and rolling up (always keeping the decorated side on the outside), if so wished. While in use, the embossed and non-slip surface finish can retain some dirt in its microscopic cavities. In the case of a lot of dirt being accumulated, which can be noted by the greying of the colors, the quantity of the cleaning product and water should be increased and a non-abrasive sponge or a cloth to be used to lightly rub the surface. Our products are neither washing machine nor dishwasher proof. Do not bend them as you may damage them. Before storing them, dry them with a dry cloth.


Product resistant to rain, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Resistant to sunlight due to special surface treatments. The resistance of 24 months specified in the instructions for an exposition in parts of Central Europe for 8 hours daily. In different geographic areas the duration could be considerably higher or lower depending on the amount of UV radiation. A possible color change within two degrees of the grey scale is considered possible and acceptable for the specified duration.
Do not wash in the washing machine or dishwasher, do not spin, do not use acid or bleach. Telki is not afraid of the water. Do not expose to direct fire and does not perform any cutting activity on the surface. Don’t drive any cart, object with wheels on TELKI surface and don’t scrape the surface with any heavy object, to avoid ruining it. Always roll with decorated side on the outside of the roll and do not roll in the opposite direction. Do not bend. The color of products may be slightly different from one production to the next.

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