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    1. These general conditions govern the contracts concluded with Serifoto s.r.l. current in MILAN piazza della Repubblic 9 – telephone number +39 039651398 and fax number +39 0396091919 through the use, by the customer, of the website www.telkimilano.com or through electronic communication to the address info@telkimilano.com and / or in any case through other methods of remote conclusion and relating to the sale or administration of products on the website www.telkimilano.com. 

    2. For the purposes of these general conditions, the term “professional client” is defined as a “professional” by Legislative Decree no. 206 of 2005 and for “non-professional customer” the person defined as “consumer” by Legislative Decree no. 206 of 2005. “Customer” is the person making the order and / or the order proposal and not otherwise characterized. The term “distance contract” means the contract as defined by the same Legislative Decree no. 206 of 2005. 

    3. The general conditions applicable to the individual contract are those published on the website www.telkimilano.com at the time the order is placed by the customer, or at the time of the forwarding of the related purchase proposal. The customer, therefore, will be required to check the content of the general conditions in force at that time. 

    4. These general conditions are an integral part of the contract concluded between the customer and Serifoto it being understood that, for some sales campaigns, they may be integrated by additional conditions identified, in the terms and methods of application, from time to time on the site. www.telkimilano.com or through direct written communication from Serifoto. 

    5. The legislation applicable to contracts concluded with the customer is that resulting from Italian legislation. The rules set out in Legislative Decree no. 206 of 2005 and subsequent amendments, including, in particular, the Head entitled “Consumer rights in contracts”, to which these general conditions expressly refer, as well as the legislation concerning the legal guarantee of conformity referred to in Articles. 129 and ss. of Legislative Decree no. 206 of 2005 and subsequent amendments.


    1. Contracts concluded through the website www.telkimilano.com are understood to be finalized at the time of placing the order and the simultaneous payment of the price, in the manner always indicated on the site. To proceed with the purchase, the customer must first register on the same website, communicating the data requested therein and accepting the processing by Serifoto pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. The customer can change their order until the final forwarding at the end of the wizard and the simultaneous payment as required by the site and by these conditions. Upon confirming the order, the customer will confirm, at the same time, that he has read, understood and accepted these general conditions. 

    2. If the customer intends to purchase non-coded products, he must send a specific request, duly detailed and accompanied by his data (of which he simultaneously accepts the processing by Serifoto pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679), to ‘address info@telkimilano.com; request that Serifoto reserves the right to evaluate in any case and which, if necessary, will be followed by the identification of the price and the insertion of the product, with its code, on the sales site. From that moment on, the customer can then proceed with the purchase in the manner indicated in the previous article 2.1. 

    3. Serifoto will provide the customer with the confirmation of the remote contract at the latest at the time of delivery of the goods to the address indicated in the purchase order. This confirmation will reproduce the terms of the agreement and will be sent in paper form. Furthermore, in the case of a non-professional client, the withdrawal form referred to in the following article 5.3 will be attached.


    1. The goods to be ordered are those present on the website www.telkimilano.com and chosen by the customer. The same are punctually indicated on the site itself, with detailed description in the respective sections and, possibly, photographic equipment. However, it is understood that the photos on the site have the sole purpose of helping in the presentation of the product and are subject to the conditions of greater or lesser resolution even in the face of the electronic means used by the customer.

    2. Serifoto reserves the right to introduce, delete and / or modify the products on the site at any time. However, the same undertakes to have the customer find the requested products according to the types and technical specifications indicated on the site at the time of placing the order or order proposal.

    3. In the case of non-coded products, these general conditions and the indications on the site, where applicable, will be supplemented by the specifications indicated by the customer and / or by those possibly communicated by Serifoto.

    4. In any case, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the characteristics of the product and the adequacy, in quantities and types, of the order or order proposal before forwarding.


    1. The methods of calculating the purchase price are, for coded products, indicated on the website www.telkimilano.com in the sections respectively dedicated to individual products and also with an indication of any taxes to be paid by the customer. The price of the initially non-coded products will be determined independently and, in any case, entered on the sales site at the time the code is generated. 

    2. Before the conclusion of the contract, and also in case of use of the website, Serifoto will communicate to the customer the estimate of the total price. With the final confirmation of the order, the customer therefore acknowledges that he has read and understood the economic terms of the contract, exempting Serifoto from the obligation to notify him except by means of the computer system. 

    3. The payment methods for purchases made from the site will be communicated on the site and displayed by the customer before the final order is placed. In the case of payment by credit card, the customer undertakes, upon Serifoto’s request, to send within 24 hours of the request a copy of the identity document proving the effective ownership of the card, it being understood that, failing that, Serifoto reserves the right to refuse the operation and cancel the order.

     4. Serifoto will deliver the requested products to the address entered in the purchase order within 30 days from the conclusion of the contract and with shipping costs, where charged to the customer, to be calculated according to what is indicated on the site and displayed in the order phase. . In the case of a non-professional customer, the risk of loss or damage to the goods will be transferred to the same or to a person designated by him upon delivery. In the case of a professional customer, the risk will be transferred, and Serifoto will free itself, returning the goods to the carrier or forwarder.


    1. The non-professional customer has a period of fourteen days to withdraw from the distance contract without having to provide any reasons and without having to incur costs other than those related to the return of the goods in the case of return by post. This period starts from the moment in which the non-professional customer acquires physical possession of the asset. In the case of a multiple order, it starts from the moment in which it acquires possession of the last good. In the case of contracts for periodic delivery, it starts from the moment in which it acquires possession of the first good. It is understood that this right is in no case granted to the professional client. 

    2. Withdrawal is excluded in the case of supply of tailor-made and / or personalized products including, but not exhaustively, the products defined as not codified. 

    3. Before the withdrawal period expires, the customer must inform Serifoto of his decision to use it. To this end, he may submit any explicit declaration of his decision to withdraw from the contract. 

    4. In case of exceeding this period, or failure to comply with the indicated procedures, the customer loses the right of withdrawal. The customer also lapses in the event of installation of the products. 

    5. In case of valid exercise of the right of withdrawal, any contract already concluded will cease to produce effects and the customer will no longer be bound by his purchase proposal. Serifoto will reimburse the customer for all payments received, including delivery costs, if paid by the latter, while the latter must return the products according to the methods indicated on the website www.telkimilano.com and in any case no later than fourteen days from the day on which has communicated that it wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal. 

    6. Any complaints must be forwarded to customer.service@telkimilano.com  with indication of customer data and purchase specifications and will be handled directly by Serifoto. 


    1. The customer may, for all his needs following the conclusion of the contract, contact the distributor who may be present in the area to which he belongs or, if absent, directly to the management area via the following contact details customer.service@telkimilano.com

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