Trivets | Favignana B

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Favignana, “the great butterfly on the sea”, as it was defined by the painter Salvatore Fiume in the 70s due to the peculiar shape of the island. Sober, characterized by a petrified habitat of quarries and tuff constructions. Around plants and smells such as capers, pomegranates, figs and oregano. Since 1991 it has managed the largest marine reserve in Europe, which is home to countless species of fish, dolphins, sea turtles and colorful corals. And it is precisely from the triumph of the colors of these backdrops that Patrizia Trupiano takes inspiration for the Favignana Line.

Decorative trivets 8 x 8 inches (20×20 cm).

Waterproof plastic material in its front and back. Trivets have a resistance up to 180° Celsius (350°Fahrenheit).