Placemats Vietri C

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Decorative placemats available in various sizes.

Product made entirely of water-repellent plastic material

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The main character of the Vietri Collection is the warm and unique light of the sun that illuminates this part of Italy and the colors of these places: the deep blue of the sea, the green of the terraces, the golden orange of citrus fruits, the yellow “Vietri” of lemons. Colors that are celebrated in the local ceramics decorations, linked to the Arab-Catalan tradition.

Decorative placemats available in various sizes.

Composed entirely of water-repellent plastic material

The characteristic majolica dome of the Cathedral of Vietri, with green, yellow and blue ceramics in the shape of a fish, the so-called “scandole”, reinforces the chromatic choice of decorations.


Cleaning is simple, as the TELKI front surface is waterproof. the product can be easily cleaned with a rag and a mild detergent.


Rain resistant product, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Resistant to sunlight thanks to special surface treatments. The 24-month resistance indicated on the instructions relates to an exposure in areas of Central Europe for 8 hours a day. In different geographic areas the duration could be significantly longer or shorter depending on the amount of UV radiation. A possible change of color within two degrees of the gray scale is considered possible and acceptable for the indicated duration.
Do not wash in the washing machine or dishwasher, do not spin, do not use acids or bleach. TELKI is not afraid of water. Do not expose to direct fire and do not perform any cutting activity on the surface. Do not drive any trolley, object with wheels on the TELKI product and do not crawl the surface with any heavy object, to avoid damaging it. Always roll the decorated part outside the roll and do not roll in the opposite direction. Do not fold the product. The color of the products may be slightly different from one production to the next.

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