Moroni Gomma

Considered one of the “historical” stores in Milan, Moronigomma is a classic for those who love pieces of different impact than usual, the rich and never obvious choice for a gift.
Some of these objects are located in the most exclusive designer shops of the world, from Conran shop in London at the MOMA in New York. Objects and gifts chosen for their originality. A touch of exclusivity and fun.


Serifoto since 1980 has been consistently and actively engaged in the research of new materials. Particular attention is also devoted to the developments of the printing systems in order to offer solutions that meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market.
Its know-how and its complete equipment of advanced technology, the permit the construction of high-quality products choosing among a wide range of materials and finishes, depending on the use for which the graphic product has been thought.

  • Viale delle Industrie, 8 20864 Agrate Brianza(MB)
  • Tel.: (+39) 039 651 398
  • Email: serifoto@serifoto.it

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