Your festivity with Telkì Milano

Create a design Christmas table with the exclusive Telkì Milan Christmas Collection!
The designer Patrizia Trupiano has created three lines of Christmas accessories inspired by different moods:
Red Christmas: the most traditional line for colors and decorations, is made of jute
Natural Christmas: inspired by Nordic atmospheres and oriental fantasies, it offers delicate colors and decorations
Silver and Gold: the English art of the end of the 1800s is revived in this elegant and precious collection

  • Kit Couple Deluxe | Christmas Red

    Promo! 29.50 18.14 IVA inclusa
  • Kit Couple Deluxe | Gold

    Promo! 52.50 32.70 IVA inclusa
  • Kit Couple Deluxe | Silver

    Promo! 52.50 32.70 IVA inclusa

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